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Q. Your knee sliders are rubbish, my boy wore a pair out in one afternoon!!

ANS.  Quick, phone HRC, they will sign him up immediately to replace Marquez. 

Also, tell him to lift his knee a bit, he is obviously over excited in his new found ability to get his knee down. It's not a competition to wear them out the fastest. Mike Spike Edwards uses one or two sets a year, compare lap-times and get back to me.

But, do phone HRC, they will love you too.

Q. The Velcro on your knee sliders is rubbish!!

Ans. No, the 'loop' Velcro on leather suits wears out. Yours is worn out, replace it.

Q. Do your sparkies spark? 

ANS. Please observe the Church of Go video.

Q. My sparky knee sliders have arrived, they look rubbish, lot's of lumps just under the surface. I've left you bad feedback and wont be buying EVER again!!

ANS. Twat. Those are the pieces of Titanium that make the sparks you wanted. The sparks aren't magic.

Q. My sliders have arrived and don;t look quite like the picture

ANS. We hand make every thing right here, and therefore they can differ a little.

Q. Stick of rock


Q. Will you deliver to my Country, it is missing?

ANS.  Yes of course, please contact us HERE with your requirements and full address and I will give you a price.

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