WIZ SINGLE NUMBER sliders are sold individually (1 Slider). This gives you the option of buying two different numbers if required. If you want matching sliders please ensure you have selected two items.

We are able to offer the numbers 0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   in various colour combinations. Simply click on the number you want, then select the 'number' colour and 'background' colour from the drop-down boxes.
Please Note - The image won't change but your order will go through with your chosen colours.

If you want two or three numbers on each slider (most colour / number combinations available), please email to discuss your options.

Price for two numbers £32.00 per set, £35.00 for three.

x4As an alternative to our standard black backing you can now personalise your sliders with Double Printed WIZ Custom Backings.


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